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The Skriker
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The Skriker

by Caryl Churchill(1994)

Opening Night: April 27th 2013

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (studio)

Photographs Claire Waterfield of Grey Feather Photography

Production Notes

Those of you who have no knowledge of Caryl Churchill's fairy tale for grownups may wonder, after the first five minutes, what the hell is this all about? Completely understandable. Fear not. There is a narrative. The opening is a joyful play on language, folklore and word association. It is merely the Skriker (an ancient fairy) enjoying introducing themselves to us. They then go on to pursue two young women... manipulating, befriending and betraying.

The Skriker appears in many different forms - young, old, smart, decorative and derelict. The Skriker plays on the weaknesses and strengths of the two young women. This is a fantastical story about folklore, love, motherhood and mental frailties - the latter of which the Skriker plays on the most.

An immensely challenging show to work on and it wouldn't have been realised if it weren't for the fabulous ensemble work which is at the heart of the ethos of Castaway.

- David Blumfield, April 2013.

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Skriker / Spriggan Roger Boyle
Skriker / Bogle / Dark Fairy / Rawheadandbloodybones Troy Bradshaw
Skriker / Green Lady / Jenny Greenteeth Alice Chopopot
Derelict Woman Skriker Caroline Clark
Skriker / Black Annis / Granddaughter Karin Davies
Passerby Rhiannon Evans
Shabby Old Skriker Jim Finnis
Lily Gemma Fishpool
Young Man Skriker / Black Dog Alex John Gilbey
TV Presenter Skriker Anne Hayes
Old Skriker / Hag / Woman with Kelpie Norma Izon
Child Skriker Nerys Jones
Skriker / Johnny Squarefoot / Yallery Brown Rhys Kelly
Skriker/Man with Bucket James Lawbuary
Fairy Skriker Rosie Lennox
Josie Rebecca Parker
American Skriker Holly Payne-Strange
Skriker(Marie) / Kelpie Katherine Smith
Telescope Girl Ronica Syed
Skriker / Dead Child / Great-great-granddaughter Hebe Tong
Underworld Skriker / Brownie Jeremy Vines
Hospital Patient Skriker Katrina Williams
Director David Blumfield
Sound Design David Blumfield
Costume Design Caroline Clark
Properties Caroline Clark
Stage Manager Katie Groves-Bond
Assistant Stage Manager Laura Howe
Producer Richard Hull
Properties Norma Izon
Assistant Director Ieuan Jenkins
Movement Ieuan Jenkins
Assistant Director Julie McNicholls
Lighting Design Barrie Stott
Properties Jeremy Vines