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4.48 Psychosis
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4.48 Psychosis

by Sarah Kane(1999)

Opening Night: May 3rd 2012

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (studio)

Photographs © J. Finnis

Production Notes

Kane's work is difficult - a massive understatement! Not just for the huge number of directors and actors who have wrestled with it all over the world for many years now, but also for audiences who have witnessed just about every indecent act human being have the potential to inflict on each other. Those of us familiar with her work will not forget the good old Daily Mail describing Kane's Blasted as "a feast of filth" - a tired old phrase now.

However, beyond the blood, torture and gore there lies a study of being human which is deeper than the deepest ocean. Arguably, 4.48 goes deeper in this respect than any of her other plays. It is much more than a dislocated, random exploration of mental illness and it is way more than a suicide note - for those of you who did not know, Sarah took her own life after writing it. I did take the opportunity to look at past productions on the old YouTube and much to my horror I came across some hideous Artaudian monsters... A-level students in white sacks screaming "I am sad!!!!" - avoid!

We have tried to keep this ensemble working of her final work simple. There is rock and roll, but it has been designed to comment on the world of the play - every track has been carefully chosen and the music is there to serve an important theatrical purpose. Apart from some simple movement sequences which represent states of mind, it is the actors and Sarah.

David Blumfield

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Actor William Blanchard
Actor Caroline Clark
Actor Rebecca Drake
Actor Jim Finnis
Actor Gemma Fishpool
Actor Alex John Gilbey
Actor Anne Hayes
Actor Monika Jagusiak
Actor Dr Kelly
Actor Nicola Leeper
Actor Rosie Lennox
Actor Darren W.F. O'Connell
Actor Holly Payne-Strange
Actor Jeremy Vines
Actor Liam Williams
Director David Blumfield
Sound Design David Blumfield
Lighting Design Rhodri Evans
Lighting Technician Rhodri Evans
Stage Manager Katie Groves-Bond
Producer Richard Hull
Assistant Director Julie McNicholls
Assistant Stage Manager Siān Spence
Light Board Operator Siān Spence
Sound Effects Design Jim Finnis