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'Allo 'Allo
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'Allo 'Allo

by Jeremy Croft and David Lloyd(1986)

Opening Night: February 23rd 2012

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre

Photographs © Claire Waterfield of Grey Feather Photography

Production Notes

Good evening everyone... Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once!!! I felt it was impossible to resist that! I remember watching "Allo Allo" in the eighties... I was a fan. Television was much more of an event in those days... only four channels, no iPlayer, no Internet and not that many people had a video. Certainly in my house "Allo Allo" was one of those events. And going back to my obvious quote the sheer joy of the world of Café René was that you knew what was coming, and that was the comic genius of Perry and Croft. I remember just relishing the moment when Crabtree would enter... yes, yes, wait for it... "GOOD MOANING"... YES!

Expectancy is comedy was nothing new. I go back to my essential comic heroes: Laurel and Hardy. Put Ollie on a roof and you just know he is going off it in spectacular style! Perry and Croft were also masters of the "hook." A creepy house in "Dad's Army" and we can't wait for John Laurie to belt out "WE'RE DOOMED." This production is a slight departure for Castaway - that is, doing something that is so well known. I am a fan, so absolutely no attempt to stray from authenticity has been made. However, at the same time it would be extremely foolish (and impossible) to try to "impersonate" the original actors. I hope that in our own way we have strived to create all things Café René.

Sadly, a few of those special performers from the original are no longer with us and we dedicate this show to their comic genius - Richard Marner, Carmen Silvera, Jack Haig, Rose Hill and of course the fabulous David Croft. Thank you.

- David Blumfield, Feb 2012

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Alberto David Blumfield
Edith Lindsay Blumfield
Colonel Roger Boyle
Schmelling Troy Bradshaw
Mimi Gemma Fishpool
Leclerc Norma Izon
Gruber Rhys Kelly
René 1 Andy Marshall
Yvette Georgie Martin
Film Narrator Nick Martin
First Airman Nick Martin
Nighthawk Voice Nick Martin
Crabtree Darren O'Connell
Helga Marit Parker
Michelle Holly Payne-Strange
René 1 Dylan Raw-Rees
Second Airman Siân Spence
Flick Jeremy Vines
The Band
Guitar and Bass Oliver Morris
Keyboard John Sylvester
Drums Gareth Williams
Director David Blumfield
Lighting Design Rhodri Evans
Assistant Stage Manager Alex Gilbey
Stage Manager Katie Groves-Bond
Assistant Director Julie McNicholls
Set Design Bold Productions
Assistant Stage Manager Stina Rattasepp
Assistant Stage Manager Chelsea Rees
Assistant Stage Manager Siân Spence
Assistant Stage Manager Caitlin Thomas
Technical Manager Nick Bache
Producer Richard Hull