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The Shakespeare Show
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The Shakespeare Show

by Various

Opening Night: August 26th 2011

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (studio)

Photographs J. Finnis

About the Play

Director's Note

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. The Shakespeare Show is somewhat of a departure for Castaway. There is very little of Shakespeare's words in the show tonight. Rather, it is a collection of sketches and songs which are all thematically linked to the Bard. However, I didn't want the show to be merely a 'Revue', so there is a linking element which will become apparent throughout the evening. We hope you enjoy the show.

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Richard III
Richard III Jim Finnis
The Night I Played Macbeth (by William Hargreaves)
Vocals Alex Gilbey
Vocals Tom O'Malley
Teacher (by Hugh Lawrie)
Teacher Matthew Christmas
Inspector Alex Gilbey
Swap a Jest (by Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie)
2nd Clown Paul Ditch
1st Clown Darren O'Connell
Wherefore Art Thou Juliet (by Alan Melville)
Actor Alex Gilbey
Actress Hannah Lee
Pink Tights and Props (by Rowan Atkinson)
Actor Matthew Christmas
Lecturer Tom O'Malley
Shake Your Speare (by Michelle Jackson)
Vocals Matthew Christmas
Vocals Paul Ditch
Vocals Alex Gilbey
Vocals Darren O'Connell
Othello in Earnest (by Perry Pontac)
Othello Tracey Goddard
Lady Brabantio June Smith
PC or Not PC (by Maureen Lipman)
Out of Work Actress Gemma Clark
Out of Work Actress Karin Davies
Out of Work Actress Gemma Fishpool
Out of Work Actress Tracey Goddard
Out of Work Actress Hannah Lee
Out of Work Actress Lisa Lewis
How is Hamlet? (by Perry Pontac)
1st Gentleman Paul Ditch
2nd Gentleman Andrew Marshall
4th Gentleman Nick Martin
3rd Gentleman Darren O'Connell
Ambassador Tom O'Malley
The Way You Hold Your Spear (by George and Ira Gershwin; adapted by Michelle Jackson)
Actor Paul Ditch
Vocals Julie McNicholls
Fear no More (words by Shakespeare, music by Matthew Christmas)
Guitar and Vocals Matthew Christmas
Vocals Gemma Clark
Vocals Lisa Lewis
Giving Notes (by Victoria Wood)
Director Julie McNicholls
Great Actors (by Michael Palin and Eric Idle)
Sir Edwin Andrew Marshall
Alan Nick Martin
A Small Rewrite (by Hugh Lawrie and Rowan Atkinson)
Shakespeare Jim Finnis
Agent Tracey Goddard
In Shakespeare's Day (by Antony Drewe)
Props Gemma Clark
Prompt Karin Davies
Wardrobe Hannah Lee
Musician Lisa Lewis
Ice Cream Seller Darren O'Connell
Audience Member June Smith
I'm in the RSC (words by Jack Klaff, music and more words by Michelle Jackson)
Piano Matthew Christmas
Vocal Jim Finnis
Vocal Alex Gilbey
Vocal Tom O'Malley
The Man Who Speaks In Anagrams (by Monty Python)
Host Paul Ditch
Masterclass (by Stephen Fry and Hugh Lawrie)
Actress Gemma Fishpool
Director Tracey Goddard
The Man Who Speaks In Anagrams (by Monty Python)
Actor Darren O'Connell
Presence Catrin Fflûr Huws
Script (Presence) Catrin Fflûr Huws
Lighting Design Nick Bache
Director David Blumfield
Sound Design David Blumfield
Original Music Matthew Christmas
Wardrobe Caroline Clark
Stage Manager Katie Groves-Bond
Original Music Michelle Jackson
Musical Director Michelle Jackson
Assistant Director Julie McNicholls