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Wyrd Sisters
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Wyrd Sisters

by Terry Pratchett(1991), adapted by Stephen Briggs

Opening Night: February 4th 2010

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre

Photographs J. Finnis

Production Notes

'Through the fathomless deeps of space swims the star turtle Great A'Tuin, bearing on its back the four giant elephants who carry on their shoulders the mass of the Discworld.'

Terry Pratchett is one of the most popular authors writing today, and is known for his creation of the Discworld. The Discworld is not totally unlike our own, except that it is a flat disc, carried on the backs of four elephants astride a giant turtle floating through space. It is peopled by, among others, wizards, dwarves, soldiers, thieves, beggars, vampires and witches. Terry Pratchett's Discworld has always been a favourite for Castaway Community Theatre, who have performed both Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad. [Also Lords and Ladies! -- Ed.] Castaway performed Wyrd Sisters in 1997 as a touring production,and I felt it would be a challenge to revive it for Castaway's return to the main stage. We hope you enjoy the show!

- David Blumfield, August 2009.

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Chamberlain Simon Ayres
Nanny Ogg Lindsay Blumfield
Tomjon Matt Christmas
Robber Daniel Felix-Johnson
Shawn Ogg Daniel Felix-Johnson
Vitoller Jim Finnis
Sergeant Matt Fullwood
Granny Weatherwax Sarah Mair Gates
Death Ian Gledhill
Bowman Pete Hughes
Chief Robber Pete Hughes
Magrat Catrin Fflûr Huws
Wimsloe Norma Izon
Mrs Vitoller Norma Izon
Duchess Michelle Jackson
Verence Rhys Kelly
Robber Nick Martin
Bedlin Nick Martin
Fool Simon 'Moggy' Mogg
Hwel Darren O'Connell
Duke Felmet Tom O'Malley
Demon Sara Voisey
Champett Denise Williams
Gumridge Denise Williams
Leanne Knibb
Liz Real
Sara Voisey
Emma Wells
Director David Blumfield
Sound Design David Blumfield
Lighting Design Duncan Gough
Set Design Duncan Gough
Stage Manager Shelley Iles
Original Music Michelle Jackson
Stage Manager Jade Johnson
Lighting Design Jade Johnson
Assistant Director Julie McNicholls
Costume Design Liz Real
Set Design Steph Renshaw
Costume Design Penny Rischmiller
Stage Manager Penny Rischmiller
Assistant Set Design Penny Rischmiller
Additional Original Music Richard Jackson
Additional Original Music Rhys Kelly