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Now That's What I Call Ubu!
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Now That's What I Call Ubu!

by Alfred Jarry & The Company(2009)

Opening Night: May 6th 2009

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (studio)

Photographs J. Finnis

About the Play

Over the past six years we have produced Jarry's UBU trilogy. As part of our 18th birthday celebrations, I thought it would be a nice idea to put together an edited compilation of his work, which would be framed by some of our own material - indeed a celebration of what has become our signature dish - Ubu's greatest hits, to an extent!

Don't worry if you don't get it all. There is nothing really to get except for nonsense, chaos and anarchy. This is Punk Rock Theatre. Jarry was deliberately trying to go against what the theatregoing public in 19th century France had come to expect. Indeed, Ubu Rex caused a riot when first performed in 1896. He wanted to wind people up and he succeeded with that was effectively a theatrical playground joke. In the world of Ubu, the dysfunctional functions!

Finally may I thank Part One Drama students for inspiration - I have openly nicked your ideas!

- David Blumfield, May 2009.

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Ubu Rex
Pa Daniel Felix-Johnson
Pa Jim Finnis
Pa Matt Fullwood
Pa Moggy
Pa Darren O'Connell
Pa Tom Thorogood
Ma Caroline Godsell
Ma Lisa Laestadius
Ma Lou Rogers
Ma Sara Voisey
Ma Colette Williams
Gyron Gemma Dutton
Boggerlas Ian Gledhill
Tails Anne Hayes
Registrar Michelle Jackson
Queen Rosalind Michelle Jackson
Macnure Rhys Kelly
King Wenceslas (Fri) Denis Lennon
Heads Denis Lennon
Sea Captain Nick Martin
Boleslas Nick Martin
The Bear Pinky
King Wenceslas (Wed/Thu) Ryan Pritchard
Noble/Judge/Phynancier Kate Saunders
Ladislas Jack Sinclair
Noble/Judge/Phynancier Emma Wells
Messenger Laura Wesselby
Ubu Cuckolded
Pa Daniel Felix-Johnson
Pa Jim Finnis
Pa Matt Fullwood
Pa Simon Mogg
Pa Darren O'Connell
Ma Tom Thorogood
Achras Lindsay Blumfield
Rebontier Michelle Jackson
Memnon Denis Lennon
Conscience Liz Real
Crapentake Kate Saunders
Flunkey Jack Sinclair
Binanjitters Emma Wells
Ubu Enchained
Pa Caroline Godsell
Pa Lisa Laestadius
Pa Lou Rogers
Pa Sara Voisey
Pa Colette Williams
Ma Daniel Felix-Johnson
Ma Jim Finnis
Ma Matt Fullwood
Ma Simon Mogg
Ma Darren O'Connell
Ma Tom Thorogood
Gyron Gemma Dutton
Pissweet Denis Lennon
Jailor Nick Martin
Freeman Kate Saunders
Pissale Jack Sinclair
Freeman Emma Wells
Eleutheria Laura Wesselby
The Resipser Lockiter
Managing Executive Ian Gledhill
Esteemed Leader Denis Lennon
Chief Burgher Liz Real
Flunkey Jack Sinclair
Premier Counsellor Marco Tilson
First Counsellor Laura Wesselby
The Spirit of Ubu
Ma Lisa Laestadius
Pa Tom Thorogood
Dove Anne Hayes
Mac Mc Macnure Rhys Kelly
Conscience Liz Real
Spirit of Ubu Script Anne Hayes
Resipser Lockiter Script Catrin Fflûr Huws
Spirit of Ubu Script Rhys Kelly
Director David Blumfield
Sound Design David Blumfield
Lighting Design Duncan Gough
Set Design Duncan Gough
Stage Manager Shelley Iles
Sound Operation Shelley Iles
Light Board Operator Shelley Iles
Assistant Stage Manager Jade Johnson
Set Design Jade Johnson
Sound Operation Jordan McMahon-Parkes
Assistant Stage Manager Jordan McMahon-Parkes
Set Design Jordan McMahon-Parkes
Assistant Director Julie McNicholls
Set Design Penny Rischmiller