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The Possibilities
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The Possibilities

by Howard Barker(1987)

Opening Night: January 29th 2008

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre

Photographs © J. Finnis

Production Notes

"The Possibilities" is a unique suite of ten short plays - thematically linked but the plots and settings aren't related. It has been a great pleasure to return to this challenging piece. Castaway staged it ten years ago in the Great Hall, when the Arts Centre was being renovated. Only one of the original cast remains so this version has a totally different dynamic. Also, the staging is very different. Indeed if you are sitting reading this in the theatre you may well be wondering what the hell have we done to the place!! It is all part of staging the work of one of our most challenging writers...Howard Barker's work is not easy!! We are immensely proud to stage his work. I was at a drinks reception with Howard last year and I asked him if he minded community companies staging his plays. He seemed very excited by the notion but also gave me the impression that community groups rarely venture near his perhaps tonight is a reasonably unique community event!

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Kiss My Hands
Third Terrorist Ian Gledhill
Husband Peter Hughes
First Terrorist / Voice Ping Peng
Second Terrorist Ryan Pritchard
Child Dewi Spence
Woman Lisa Young
She Sees the Argument But
Man Ian Gledhill
Woman Lucy Ann Marie Hill
The Official Lauren Hodgkins
The Weaver’s Ecstasy at the Discovery of New Colour
The Woman Lindsay Blumfield
The Girl Sarah Cowburn
Second Soldier Matt Fullwood
The Boy Anne Hayes
First Soldier Peter Hughes
The Man Justin Lyons
The Philosophical Lieutenant and the Three Village Women
Third Woman Jane Aherne
The Officer Jim Finnis
First Woman Heather Giles
Second Woman Catrin Fflûr Huws
Corporal Rhys Kelly
Reasons for the Fall of Emperors
Officer Matt Fullwood
Groom Rhys Kelly
Alexander Sandy Spence
The Unforeseen Consequences of a Patriotic Act
Judith Susan Chapman
The Servant Catrin Fflûr Huws
The Woman Norma Izon
Only Some Can Take The Strain
The Woman Lindsay Blumfield
Bookseller Paddy Cooper
The Man Matt Fullwood
Not Him
The Man Josian Fauzou
A Woman Julie McNicholls
A Second Woman Caz Tricks
The Necessity for Prostitution In Advanced Societies
The Young Woman Jane Aherne
The Old Woman Hilary Bowers
The Young Man Ian Gledhill
The Dumb Woman's Ecstasy
The Woman Norma Izon
The Youth Ryan Pritchard
The Torturer Peter Willington
Sound Design David Blumfield
Director David Blumfield
Deputy Stage Manager Emily Eden
Assistant Director Sarah Mair Gates
Lighting Design Duncan Gough
Set Design Duncan Gough
Stage Manager Shelley Iles
Light Board Operator Shelley Iles
Deputy Stage Manager Suzannah Turner
Technical Director Nick Bache
Technician Jacob Gough
Chief Technician Peter Lochery
Technician Paul Mathews
Technician Tom Reilly