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Ubu Cuckolded
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Ubu Cuckolded

by Alfred Jarry

Opening Night: April 25th 2007

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (studio)

About the Play

Published posthumously in 1944.

Production Notes

Programme Notes

Jarry was an enigma - an innovator. He was also a chronic alcoholic and not a well man. He died in his thirties and he really didn't write many plays - the UBU trilogy being his only recognised contribution to Theatre History. However, it was a massively significant contribution. The UBU plays rocked the theatrical landscape in Europe. They opened the floodgates for the Surrealist/Absurdist movemt. Indeed, "UBU REX" caused a riot at its premiere in 1896. The naturalists of the time were hugely offended by the grotesque characters, the dysfunctional plot/structure and Jarry's pure lust for anarchy... fantastic!

Jarry threw away the rule book, created his own philosophy and he rocked like a bastard!

It has been an immense pleasure to direct the UBU cycle over the last four years... we've done it in the wrong order (Cuckolded was the second play) but he wouldn't mind! What we have always strived to achieved with our UBU shows is that sense of irresponsible (yet controlled) chaos which Jarry desired. Yes, we use a huge amount of Rock & Roll - I think he would have liked that!

"Cuckolded" is clearly the most ridiculous of the trilogy and it does appear to be unfinished - we have "embellished" the ending.

Don't worry if you feel you don't get it all... it's a bit of a playground prank, on Mr. Jarry's behalf. All we have tried to do is to realise the desires of the author... ROCK ON!

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Pa Ubu Carli Dalton
Pa Ubu Sarah Mair Gates
Pa Ubu Stephanie Gunner
Pa Ubu Julie McNicholls
Pa Ubu Lizzie Pugh
Achras Lindsay Blumfield
Achras Rhys Kelly
Achras Simon Lawfull
Binanjitters Susan Chapman
Flunkey / Scytotomille John Daniel Edwards
Ma Ubu / Jarry / Woolidog Josian Fauzou
Conscience Matt Fullwood
Conscience Ian Gledhill
Rebontier Norma Izon
Memnon Ryan Pritchard
Crapentake Alex Spak
Palcontent Hilary Gibson
Palcontent Juliet Charnock
Palcontent Anne Hayes
Palcontent Corina Vermeer
Palcontent Lisa Young
Guitar Matt Fullwood
Guitar Ian Gledhill
Keyboard Rhys Kelly
Sound Operation David Blumfield
Director David Blumfield
Arts Centre Technician James Ellington
Set Design Duncan Gough
Arts Centre Technician Jacob Gough
Assistant Stage Manager Anne Hayes
Light Board Operator Shelley Iles
Stage Manager Shelley Iles
Assistant Design Steph Renshaw
Original Music John Daniel Edwards
Original Music Ian Gledhill
Original Music Rhys Kelly