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The Nativity
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The Nativity

by Tony Harrison(1985)

Opening Night: December 5th 2006

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (Great Hall)

  • Stars
  • Julie McNicholls
  • June Smith
  • Lindsay Ashford
  • Catrin
  • Caz Tricks
  • Nigel Parry
  • Matt Fullwood
  • Ian Gledhill
  • Steph Tillotson
  • Rhys
  • Firmament from Above
  • Choir
  • Norma Izon
  • Lindsay Blumfield
  • Sarah Mair Gates
  • Mak & Shepherds
  • Firmament & Moon
  • Shepherds
  • Lindsay & Catrin
  • Matt
  • Jim Finnis
  • Ian
  • Rhys
  • Josian
  • Ian
  • Rhys
  • Anne Hayes
  • Norma
  • Catrin
  • Lindsay & Catrin
  • John Edwards
  • Susan Chapman
  • Aftershow
  • Aftershow
  • Aftershow
  • Aftershow
  • Aftershow
  • Aftershow
Photographs J. Finnis

Production Notes

Programme Notes

This is an exciting departure for Castaway in terms of genre, venue and staging. Harrison's adaptation of the Nativity (as well as other medieval Mystery Plays) was originally staged by the National Theatre in 1985. It is a glorious celebration of language and storytelling. For seasonal reasons we have just retained the Christmas story - apart from the prelude. In keeping with the author's original intentions we have contemporised the piece. Whether one is a Christian or not, it still remains a fabulous story. And it has many poignant resonances regarding the triumph of good over evil and domestic strife. Harrison has always spoken out for the impoverished... bear in mind that he wrote the piece during Thatcher's reign! I hope that the play can be seen on both spiritual and domestic levels.

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Woman 2 Lindsay Ashford
Shepherd 1 / Woman 1 Lindsay Blumfield
Joseph David Blumfield
King 3 Susan Chapman
King 1 / Soldier 4 John Daniel Edwards
Death Josian Fauzou
God Jim Finnis
Mak Matt Fullwood
Mourning Mother Sarah Mair Gates
Herod Ian Gledhill
Herod's Son Anne Hayes
Shepherd 3 Catrin Fflûr Huws
King 2 Norma Izon
Anger Lucifer (Satan) Rhys Kelly
Mary Julie McNicholls
Messenger Nigel T Parry
Angel Gabriel June Smith
Shepherd 2 / Soldier 1 Stephanie Tillotson
Mak's Wife Caz Tricks
Trumpet & Flute Anne Hayes
Keyboard Rhys Kelly
Director David Blumfield
Set Design Duncan Gough
Lighting Design Duncan Gough
Deputy Stage Manager Shelley Iles
Original Music Rhys Kelly
Assistant Stage Manager Leanne Knibb
Light Board Operator Leanne Knibb
Choreographer Stephanie Tillotson
Arts Centre Technician James Ellington
Arts Centre Technician Jacob Gough
Additional Music Jim Finnis
Musical Director Rhys Kelly