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by Euripides

Opening Night: March 30th 2000

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (studio)

Production Notes

From the Programme Notes

Euripedes was born in 484 BC and died around 406/407 BC. It is believed he wrote around 90 plays, of which Medea is probably the most celebrated. He, like his peers, dealt with the usual themes of the time (heroes and gods etc.) but unlike other dramatists he explored his subject matter on a more domestic and sociological level rather than a philosophical and religious one.

I would like to refrain from giving you a full chart rundown of what happens in Medea, other than to say that is is a study of a woman who finds herself in the most appalling circumstances because of a man. Indeed, during one rehearsal someone said "This is a play about men and women, isn't it?" This is perfectly true, and in Medea domestic turbulence leads to an act of revenge of monumental proportions. What Medea does is quite clearly the worst thing in the world. However, watch and digest as the play really does mess with our sympathies.

With this production we have attempted to comtemporise yet remain faithful to the Greek. It is a fusion of the two elements. This is important - as there is a danger of present day revivals turning into "EastEnders" Medea.

You will also notice that the parts of Jason and Medea respectively are played by more than one person. This is partially to fit in with Castaway's ensemble working methods, but it also brings in a added edge. With the Medeas there exists a great feeling of sisterhood, and with the Jasons it helps bring out and heighten the "lad" in him. Every actor will bring a different slant to a character so we also have a slight shift in interpretation from each performer. However, don't be confused! There is only one Medea and one Jason, each played by a collective.

--David Blumfield

This production also toured, playing at Celtica in Machynlleth on 24th of June, and the Hexagon at MAC in Birmingham on 2nd of September 2000.

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Medea Hazel Anderson
Medea Lindsay Blumfield
Medea Caroline Dalziel-Riddell
Medea Lily Cusick
Medea Claire N. Jones
Medea Kate Sullivan
Jason Andrew Burnham
Jason Derek Ford
Jason Tim Jackson
Jason Philip Merchant
Jason Huw B Spencer
Nurse Caroline Clark
Princess Daughter of Creon Hayley Edwards
Elder Son Tim "Moth" Foster
Younger Son Jacob Gough
Chorus Sara Hedges
Chorus Norma Izon
Creon / Aegeus Rhys Kelly
Chorus Leader Abi Kemp
First Messenger Nathan Pace
Chorus Gill Pateman
Friend of Princess Natasha Pateman
Second Messenger Chris Sharp
Director David Blumfield
Lighting Design Katie Fanshawe
Stage Manager Katie Fanshawe
Deputy Stage Manager Rebecca Munro
Deputy Stage Manager Rachael Pateman
Publicity Richard Wagland