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Lords and Ladies
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Lords and Ladies

by Terry Pratchett, adapted by Ian Marsh

Opening Night: March 7th 1998

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Millie Chillum (A Maid) Hazel Anderson
Shawn Ogg David Baggaley
The Runes Dorothy Bell
Mustrum Ridcully (Archchancellor of the Unseen University) Derek Bell
Ponder Stibbons Aaron Birks
Nanny Ogg Lindsay Blumfield
Elf King "Westus Bromeechius Albionus"
Elf Queen Caroline Clark
Pewsey Ogg Jacob Gough
Dean of the Unseen University Tim Jackson
Lecturer in Recent Runes Trev Jones
Magrat Garlick Claire N. Jones
The Runes Anne Kidner
Prologue Elise Knox-Thomas
Casanunda Bob Morrell
The Runes Gill Pateman
Young Esme A. C. Payan
Jason Ogg Hedd Piper
Verence II (King of Lancre) Edward Rees
Granny Weatherwax Liz Reverley
The Runes Kate Sullivan
The Librarian Amanda Tinker
Bursar of the Unseen University Richard Wagland
Diamanda Naomi Doyle
Muscara Rachel Eyre
Perdita Lily Cusick
Magenta Huldah Knox-Thomas
Amanita de Vice Rachael Pateman
Tinker Tim Foster
Thatcher Tim Jackson
Baker Trev Jones
Carter Nathan Pace
Jacob Gough
Natasha Pateman
A. C. Payan
Dorothy Bell
Siobhan Doherty
Karen Harding
Anne Kidner
Jamie Munro
Gill Pateman
Kate Sullivan
Director David Blumfield
Wardrobe Caroline Clark
Original Music Huw Davies
Set Design Duncan Gough
Stage Manager Sarah Morton
Wardrobe Gill Pateman