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The Possibilities
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The Possibilities

by Howard Barker(1987)

Opening Night: November 13th 1998

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (Great Hall)

Production Notes

  1. The Unforeseen Circumstances of a Patriotic Act
  2. The Philosophical Lieutenant and the Three Village Women
  3. The Necessity for Prostitution in Advanced Societies
  4. Only Some Can Take the Strain
  5. The Weaver's Ecstacy at the Discovery of New Colour
  6. She Sees the Argument But
  7. The Dumb Woman's Ecstacy
  8. Not Him
  9. Reasons for the Fall of Emperors
  10. Kiss My Hands

A beautifully crafted set of 10 pieces that explores the conflicts between keeping one's self intact and reckless human impulses. Across a set of alarming circumstances, Barker's People are compelled to do the most bizarre things to each other - sex, murder, torture, vengeance, greed, injustice - and it all gets outrageously tragic for these folk - but it's great fun!

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Corporal (2), The Boy (5) David Baggaley
Bookseller (4) Derek Bell
The Old Woman (3) Dorothy Bell
Officer (2), Peasant(9) Aaron Birks
The Woman (1), A Woman (8) Lindsay Blumfield
Third Woman (2), Woman (6) Caroline Clark
The Young Man (3), The Man (8), Second Terrorist (10) Tim Jackson
A Second Woman (8), Woman (10) Claire N. Jones
First Soldier (5), Man (6), First Terrorist (10) Trev Jones
Second Woman (2) Anne Kidner
The Servant (1), First Woman (2), The Woman (4) Huldah Knox-Thomas
The Man (5), Officer (9) Bob Morrell
The Woman (5), The Woman (7) Gill Pateman
The Girl (5) Rachael Pateman
The Young Woman (3) A. C. Payan
The Torturer (7), Fourth Terrorist (10) Hedd Piper
The Man (4), The Youth (7), Husband(10) Edward Rees
Official (6) Liz Reverley
Voice (10) Kate Sullivan
Judith (1), Third Terrorist (10) Kate Sullivan
Second Soldier (5), Alexander (9) Richard Wagland
Sound Design David Blumfield
Director David Blumfield
Set Design Duncan Gough
Stage Manager Huldah Knox-Thomas
Stage Manager Kate Sullivan
Stage Manager David Thornley