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Treasure Island
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Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson, adapted by Bernard Miles

Opening Night: December 2005

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre

  • Catrin Huws
  • Catrin Huws
  • Nigel Petts
  • Nige and Josean
  • Rhys Kelly
  • Tom McCarron
  • June Smith
  • Susan Chapman
  • Nigel Petts
  • Josean
  • Ian
  • Claire Jones
  • Lindsay
  • Catrin
  • Jim Finnis
  • Matt Fullwood
  • Stuart Martin
  • Sandy Spence
  • Norma Izon
  • Ian Gledhill
  • Susan Chapman
  • Jim Finnis
Photographs Duncan Gough

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Ben Gunn Lindsay Blumfield
Anderson / Alan Susan Chapman
Redruth Megan de Messieres
Black Dog / Paulo Josian Fauzou
Billy Bones / Tom Jim Finnis
Dick / Harry Matt Fullwood
Morgan Ian Gledhill
Jim Hawkins Catrin Fflûr Huws
George Merry Norma Izon
Israel Hands Claire N. Jones
Dr Livesey Rhys Kelly
Chorus Stuart Martin
Captain Smollett Thomas McCarron
Long John Silver Nigel Petts
Blind Pew / Grey June Smith
Squire Trelawney Sandy Spence
Sound Design David Blumfield
Director David Blumfield
Light Board Operator Claire Duthie
Set Design Duncan Gough
Assistant Stage Manager Shelley Iles
Original Music Rhys Kelly
Stage Manager Leanne Knibb
Choreographer Lydia Larson
Assistant Design Steph Renshaw