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Crave / Phaedra's Love
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Crave / Phaedra's Love

by Sarah Kane(1998)

Opening Night: March 29th 2004

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre (studio)

Production Notes

This production of two of Sarah Kane's plays was performed as a double bill.

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
A (Crave) Harry Durnall
A (Crave) Nigel Petts
A (Crave) Sandy Spence
A (Crave) Richard Wagland
B (Crave) Simon Casey
B (Crave) Ian Gledhill
B (Crave) Jacob Llyr
B (Crave) Zack Polanski
C (Crave) Cornelia Daklu
C (Crave) Michelle Joanne Finch
C (Crave) Rachel Greener
C (Crave) Catrin Fflûr Huws
C (Crave) Julie McNicholls
M (Crave) Lindsay Blumfield
M (Crave) Susan Chapman
M (Crave) Caroline Clark
M (Crave) Christine Morice
M (Crave) Shumita Pallit
A Solo (Crave) Jim Finnis
B Chorus (Crave) Stuart Martin
M Chorus (Crave) Catherine Hutton
M Chorus (Crave) Catherine Stevens
Priest (Phaedra's Love) Jim Finnis
Phaedra (Phaedra's Love) Claire N. Jones
Theseus (Phaedra's Love) Nigel Petts
Hippolytus (Phaedra's Love) Peter Reilly
Strophe (Phaedra's Love) Kate Spivey