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A Clockwork Orange
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A Clockwork Orange

by Anthony Burgess(1987), adapted by Anthony Burgess

Opening Night: May 1st 2002

Venue: Aberystwyth Arts Centre Theatre

Photographs J. Finnis

Production Notes

From the Programme Notes:

A Clockwork Orange... When the title is mentioned many of you will summon up visions of Stanley Kubrick's notorious film from the '70's. Even if you haven't seen it (which has only been possible in this country in the last few years) you almost definitely will have heard of it.

A brutal rape scene; images of ultra-violence and lashings of soft porn; plus its withdrawal from release led to this little shocker earning this notoriety and indeed cult status. On viewing the film in 2002, it still has the ability to disturb, but (to use a ubiquitous word) it is a little dated, while Burgess' novel remains as daring, dazzling and visceral as ever. Do not expect a rendition of Kubrick's movie, we are using Burgess' own 1986 stage adaptation which, although flawed, does, as he put it himself, "have auctorial authority." It also retains the final chapter of the novel which Kubrick's film did not. Those of you who are familiar with the film, but not the book, may well be intrigued to see what happens next!

There are many thematic problems with Burgess' tale - aggression being a symptom of adolescence is one of them. But the piece does raise crucial questions about human freedom, which, coupled with a rich vein of dark, dark humour, make what we have discovered to be a truly grotesque cartoon.

Production Note

Castaway strives to let everyone perform. Therefore there are six Alexes, each having solo and collaborative spots. This does of course lead to contrasting emotional responses. Similarily there are three Brodskys, three Ministers, two Branoms and two chaplains. Don't be confused!

Cast and Company

Role or Job Name
Alex Lisa Harris
Alex Sara Hedges
Alex Rhys Kelly
Alex Lucy Poulson
Alex Paul Stinson
Alex Daniel Tyler
Chaplain Chris Baglin
Mrs Alexander Lindsay Blumfield
Branom Lindsay Blumfield
Georgie Kathleen Brancaccio
Chorus Elly Brown
Dustbin Woman Elly Brown
Dr Brodsky Hayley Edwards
The Minister Jim Finnis
Famous Film Director Jim Finnis
Dolin Derek Ford
Billy's Gang Member Derek Ford
Police 1 Derek Ford
Warder 2 Derek Ford
The Minister Elly Gandy
The Doctor Ian Gledhill
Len Ian Gledhill
Billy's Gang Member Ian Gledhill
Police 2 Ian Gledhill
Photographer Jacob Gough
Joe Jacob Gough
Pedofil Karl Hatton
Photographer Karl Hatton
Pete Karl Hatton
Dr Brodsky Catrin Fflûr Huws
Chorus Sue Jenkins
Old Lady Sue Jenkins
Dr Brodsky Claire N. Jones
Police Doctor Leanne Knibb
Bully Leanne Knibb
Chorus Leanne Knibb
Chaplain Justin Lyons
Chorus Danielle Marsden
Dustbin Woman (Wednesday) Danielle Marsden
Dim Ben Moseley
Big Jew Ben Moseley
Marty Cari Owen
Branom Wendy Owen
Chorus Cari Owen
Mother Gill Pateman
Warder 3 Gill Pateman
F. Alexander Nigel Petts
Singer in Milk Bar Liz Reverley
Rubenstein Liz Reverley
Chorus Bernadine Rogers
Nurse Bernadine Rogers
Police 3 Bernadine Rogers
Billy Boy Ulrike Schanz
Rick Ulrike Schanz
The Governer Ulrike Schanz
Father Richard Wagland
Warder 1 Richard Wagland
Chorus Amy Ward
Zophar Amy Ward
Doctor Amy Ward
Billy's Gang Member Amy Ward
Stereo Man Mark Williamson
Mr Deltoid Mark Williamson
Jojohn Mark Williamson
The Minister Emma Woodcock
Sound Design David Blumfield
Director David Blumfield
Assistant Stage Manager Harry French
Stage Manager Lily Cusick
Set Design Duncan Gough
Lighting Design Duncan Gough
Assistant Stage Manager Camilla Hanson
Wardrobe Ernie Hull
Sound Design Rhys Kelly
Wardrobe Gill Pateman
Light Board Operator Neil Rose
Assistant Stage Manager Alan Templeton
Extra Bits Richard Wagland