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Duncan Gough

First production: As To Be Naked (Is the Best Disguise), December 1996

Latest production: Mapping the Soul, May 2011

Play Role Date
Mapping the Soul Set Design May 2011
Bartholomew Fair Lighting Design August 2010
Bartholomew Fair Set Design August 2010
The Wonderful World of Dissocia Lighting Design April 2010
The Wonderful World of Dissocia Set Design April 2010
Wyrd Sisters Set Design February 2010
Wyrd Sisters Lighting Design February 2010
Love's Labours Lost Lighting Design August 2009
Love's Labours Lost Set Design August 2009
Now That's What I Call Ubu! Lighting Design May 2009
Now That's What I Call Ubu! Set Design May 2009
Road Lighting Design January 2009
Road Set Design January 2009
The Passion Set Design April 2008
The Possibilities Set Design January 2008
The Possibilities Lighting Design January 2008
Our Day Out Lighting Design August 2007
Our Day Out Set Design August 2007
Ubu Cuckolded Set Design April 2007
The Nativity Lighting Design December 2006
The Nativity Set Design December 2006
Teechers Lighting Design August 2006
Teechers Set Design August 2006
The Balcony Set Design March 2006
Treasure Island Set Design December 2005
Early Morning Set Design August 2005
Ubu Enchained Lighting Design March 2005
Ubu Enchained Set Design March 2005
David Copperfield Set Design December 2004
Epsom Downs Set Design August 2004
Alice in Wonderland Set Design December 2003
Cloud Nine Lighting Design August 2003
Cloud Nine Set Design August 2003
Ubu Rex Set Design May 2003
The Wind in the Willows Set Design December 2002
A Clockwork Orange Lighting Design May 2002
A Clockwork Orange Set Design May 2002
The Ash Girl Set Design December 2001
Mapping the Soul Set Design May 2001
Witches Abroad Lighting Design December 1999
The Love of a Nightingale Set Design March 1999
The Possibilities Set Design November 1998
Lords and Ladies Set Design March 1998
Wyrd Sisters Lighting Design May 1997
Wyrd Sisters Set Design May 1997
As To Be Naked (Is the Best Disguise) Set Design December 1996