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Jacob Gough

First production: Lords and Ladies, March 1998

Latest production: The Possibilities, January 2008

Play Role Date
The Possibilities Technician January 2008
Ubu Cuckolded Arts Centre Technician April 2007
The Nativity Arts Centre Technician December 2006
Ubu Enchained Arts Centre Technician March 2005
Crave / Phaedra's Love B (Crave) March 2004
Ubu Rex Boleslas May 2003
The Wind in the Willows Hedgehog Herbert December 2002
A Clockwork Orange Photographer May 2002
A Clockwork Orange Joe May 2002
The Ash Girl Greedmonkey December 2001
Mapping the Soul Wolfpacker May 2001
A Christmas Carol Peter Cratchit / Young Follower December 2000
Medea Younger Son March 2000
The Love of a Nightingale Itys March 1999
Lords and Ladies Principal Elf March 1998
Lords and Ladies Pewsey Ogg March 1998